Monday, August 04, 2008

Corporate America Rant

This post isn't going to be pretty...ok, I've warned you and I can proceed.

Today while I was running errands, I was listening to Dave Ramsey (as I do anytime I am in the car when his show is on). Now, Mr. Ramsey and I don't share political views, but we do agree about most everything of a financial nature. As he often advertises, "We give you the same advice Granny did, only we keep our teeth in." (What can I say? He's a southerner)

Anyway, a man calls in to his radio show and tells Dave that he lost his job because his paycheck was garnished. Here's the kicker: He is senior management making 6 figures! He states that he was fired because the company questioned his integrity. Dave starts to question him further about it and says, "That's awfully strange that a company would fire you for having a garnishment...are you sure that's why they fired you?" and the man confirms over and over. Eaach time, Dave is saying, No, can't be. The guy on the phone says, "It's Corporate America! they fire who they want!". Dave doesn't go for it.

Normally, Dave and I would see eye to eye on this. But, having been in Human Resources for so many years prior to my writing career, I KNOW DIFFERENT. Corporate America DOES do anything they want. Laws? What laws? They were meant to be bent, misinterpreted and flat out broken. Don't tell me no, I have seen it in progress with my own set of eyes. Not with just one company mind you, but several.
Dave Ramsey probably doesn't run his company like most Corporate America executives...that is why he is successful. And, it's probably difficult for him to imagine others doing business as they do. But Dave, when someone tells you they got fired for a reason like a garnishment, take my advice: BELIEVE THEM.
There's a reason why employees are either being laid off, fired or jumping ship on their own from the land of capitalism. It's called misery.

Here's hoping that everyone that has been laid off or fired, finds a better job soon. Cheers
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