Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If You Give Him a Movie, They Will Come

Well, after watching 14 seasons of "Dancing with the Stars", it never gets old.  It's one of the very few reality shows that I actually enjoy.  While I'm no dancer, it's no secret that I become enthralled each year as contestants learn to cha-cha and fox trot their way across the ballroom floor.  The show is actually pretty cheesy, but there is one element that saves it; Derek Hough.

Yep, some call him the Golden Boy, who can do no wrong.  Yes, the judges love him, Yes, he has a huge fan base of mostly women, Yes he's handsome but the fact of the matter is this:  Derek Hough has star quality and he is beyond talented.  He comes up with the most inventive and creative choreography each year and manages to make his partners look like life-long dancers.

His sister, Julianne Hough has managed to make that step from TV to screen almost effortlessly and I wonder why her brother hasn't done the same.  I sometimes wonder what Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers would think of Hough's prowess on the dance floor.

In any event, Hough and his partner, Maria Menounous was booted from the competition last night after coming in first on the judge's leaderboards.  Perhaps the show wanted to shake things up, but I fear if he stays on this show for too much longer, he won't reach his potential.  Come on, Hollywood; this guy is fantastic.  Give him a movie.  If you give him a movie; they will come.  Especially this old writer.