Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Politics of Parkinson's Disease

Ok, let me pick my jaw up from the ground, please. Wait....I'm trying to compose myself.....Ok.

I am constantly amazed at he ignorance of Rush Limbaugh....just when you think he has fallen to an all time new low, he finds a way to go even lower. What is frightening, is that there are millions of people who are too lazy, busy whatever you want to call it, to think for themselves and take everything that Limbaugh has to say as the gospel. We are in deep trouble if that is the case.

I saw the clip of Fox, and as a fellow Young Onset Parkinson's Disease sufferer, I can tell you point blank, he took his meds. How do I know?

The awkward, involuntary movements he was making is called "Bradykinesia" which is caused from taking Sinemet(a common PD drug). If he hadn't taken his meds, you would see true tremors: head shaking, mouth shaking, arms, legs, hands.....everything.

What a cruel world Mr. Limbaugh lives in. I say he should take another blue pill and spend some quality time with himself and refrain from making fun of people with disabilities.

The way I see it.....he has the most dangerous disability of all: IGNORANCE. And, as Forrest Gump would say: That's all I got to say about that.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

When is Breaking News really Breaking News?

Last night I was at a restaurant enjoying a glass of wine, and noticed that the televisions were tuned to CNN and screaming the headline, "BREAKING NEWS" The crawl went on to say that there were "reports" that a series of dirty bombs were going to go off in several cities during the NFL football games.

Okay, I kept reading...."There are NO credible reports to support this report and people should plan on attending games if they want to...There is NO danger..." why was this "BREAKING NEWS"?????????

I don't get it.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Rachael Ray's TV Show

I can't help it. She irritates me and I still watch her show! Why? What is wrong with me?

I saw her debut TV show last week, and I got exactly what I expected. A chunky, perky girl trying to be cutesy to the point where I feared she may hyperventilate due to her excessive giggling. Honestly.....NO ONE can be THAT perky. I refuse to believe it.

It was also announced that she is putting out a Christmas CD. Entitled.....are you ready for this? HOW COOL IS THAT? I swear to God. A Christmas CD named "How Cool is that?". I'm sure it will be hit after hit of classics sung in a hoarse, yet perky voice with giggles during the break.

Who knows? Maybe it will be a "killer, awesome" CD that even her "Daddy from Louisiana" will want to listen to and just "Hang out in the garbage bowl". Somehow I think the garbage bowl is where it belongs.

I'm not kidding....check this out: EVOO, Awesome! Garbage Bowl, Hang Out YUKKO

Monday, October 02, 2006


Yes, I am hooked. Out of all the various types of writing there are in this world, I have found that I LOVE ghostwriting for clients.

At times, it drives me crazy as I contemplate how to start a book. Will the client like it? I've developed a habit of sending 2 chapters to my clients just to make sure I'm on the right track. Revising or completely shifting gears isn't quite so painful as if I waited until the end of the book!

And yes, I am still loving being self employed. It's uncertain at times, even scary...especially if the bills come due and I run a little short on cash. Have I mentioned that savings is a wonderful thing?

Well, tomorrow is comprised of the gym first thing in the morning, then helping a friend bring her cat to the vet, then doing my quarterly taxes and finally, work on a novel for a client. I'm very busy.....and I love it. Finding your passion is a great thing.

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