Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hatred and Division

You know, in the past year, I've noticed that people in general have become more vitriolic in their beliefs.  Especially as it pertains to politics and religion.  Our nation has just conquered one hurdle which was a major one that left me emotionally drained.  If you haven't guess it, I'm talking about the presidential election.

Never before have I witnessed such name-calling, spiteful comments (from both sides) and general hatred and division among our country over the election of president.  Every 4 years, I swear I won't get so invested in the election and debates thereof, and as usual, I break my word to myself every time.  The stakes are too high not to.  Now that the election is over, I was relieved to see that life does go on and people were able to collect themselves once more and carry on with the business of living.

Then, the tragedy in Connecticut happened.  This is not the first time our country has witnessed death and destruction of lives at the hand of a crazed gunman. In this year alone, there was the gunman who open-fired on a movie theater audience, the shooting of Trayvon Martin and now the massacre of 20 innocent children and 6 courageous adults at the hand of another gunman.

These murders weren't carried out with a Saturday Night special handgun.  Not even a hunting rifle.  These were done with military type assault weapons capable of shooting hundreds of bullets at a clip.  Why are citizens allowed to purchase these types of weapons?  It's insane.

The end of this year gives me pause.  It's as if our united engagement in hatred and division as a people is resulting in a spiraling, out of control, karmic catastrophe. I don't know about you, but I am saying a prayer for all those lives lost as well as their families in hopes that hatred and division will become love and unity.  

Maybe that sounds alot like a sappy "liberal", I say it sounds like hope.

More Musings Later-