Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pat Summit, Measuring Quality against Time

I have always admired Pat Summit, the Tennessee Lady Vols basketball coach.  As I was perusing Facebook, I heard breaking news on ESPN that Pat was diagnosed with young, onset dementia.  She's only 59 years old.

I hate that she is dealing with this health issue.   Dementia is a disease that doesn't cater to one race, intellect, gender or sexuality.  It strikes people that aren't famous and those who are.  Those who are most determined to beat it, simply succumb just as quickly as those who feel defeated. 

It's a horrible disease for everyone.  Knowing her fierce competitiveness, I'm sure she will fight the good fight, and good for her.

I also think Pat Summit will be carefully measuring quality of  her profession against cognitive time. 

More Musings Later-