Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Last evening, I watched a show on how mega-millionaires live. I was mesmerized at how everything these people had. And, you could tell they took alot of time thinking up these things to do, play and enjoy.

So, I've done the Bucket List....I'm not planning on croaking just yet, so I am making a "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" list for myself. This is my blog, so some things will be listed that aren't really possible. Imagination is a good thing.

1. I would continue writing, but would concentrate on my own books at my own pace.

2. I would purchase a small, private jet. No airplane seats...LazyBoys and overstuffed chairs will be secured to the floor with applicable seatbelts and so on for takeoff/landing.

3. I would purchase a big yacht: Onboard would be available: several bedrooms suites for friends and family. Psychic readings by Lisa Williams in the afternoon, 24-hour casino (gotta get that dopamine fix), a jacuzzi in my master bedroom, a giant tv and stereo w/CD that would pipe in to all rooms if I wanted. Several swimming pools, My restaurant, "The Ghostwriter's Den" for elegant, rustic dinners and theme nights, and my pub, "The Writer's Pub" offering soups, sandwiches, burgers, salad bar, Tex-Mex, a huge offering of finger foods and appetizers. Oh, and a full bar with daily drink specials.

4. Those games that they have in the bars....with 11 ball, block'em up, Castle Bandits and more!

5. Purchase a helicopter that could fly to our yaucht's destination at any time and take me or whoever to wherever.

6. We would sail around the world...also visiting The Amazon.

7. Some of the places we would travel to: Sail to Bermuda, and then on to the U.K., steer clear of all the countries starting with the letter "I", then travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand so I could actually walk upon Loi Kroh Road (the most mystical road in the world), then moving on to Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila. The Asian countries have my attention at the moment!

8. Religious places I would like to go: the Wailing Wall and place a prayer into the wall. The Lourdes and visit the waters where the reflection of the Virgin Mary was seen. Swim in the Dead Sea...spend the night inside a pyramid in Egypt. Camp out at Stonehenge.

9. On the way back, visit England thoroughly. See Buckingham Palace with a personal tour provided by Prince Wills and Harry. Talk to them about their mother...then, go drink beers with Harry! See the England countryside, eat some "real" fish and chips, see everything having to do with The Beatles...sit in front of a roaring fire with Paul McCartney while we drink snifters of Grand Marnier' talking about writing songs and music.

10. Finally, come back to the states and go to Key West, Florida and visit Ernest Hemingway's home and his cats. Spend the night inside the home, convince him to come back from the other side for a drink and some writing advice.

So many dreams, so little time....

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Corporate Greed Has Failed America

Yep, that's about the same face she had on today's airing of Oprah. Suze Orman was one pissed woman. Hell hath no fury like a financial guru when talking about a country's failed financial system. I'd hate to make her mad, I'm telling you.

Today's episode was very interesting AND timely. Today Oprah and Suze discussed the famous 2 words that everyone on Wall Street was asking: WHAT HAPPENED? Well, let me tell you that Suze told everyone why and what for.

After she was completely lathered up ranting about CEO's reckless management of their companies strictly to get their multi-million dollar bonuses, salaries and stock options. When Oprah asked, "How serious is this problem of our economy?" Ms. Orman still in full lather, glared at Oprah for effect and said emphatically, "This is as serious as the crash of 1929." You could have heard a pin drop in the studio.

She then began stating what life was going to be like for Americans as a result of this fiasco.
  • People won't be able to secure home loans (or car loans for that matter) unless they really can afford them. This means there will be alot LESS home ownership and much more rental properties.
  • Until the gas issue is resolved, bringing back the 1970's "odd and even" gas fillup schedule.
  • Eating out will be a rarity for most people, staying home will be the norm.
  • People will keep their cars for 10 years or more instead of buying new cars with any frequency.
  • Charge cards will be a thing of the past. Our society is already moving toward a Cash Basis.
  • Student Loans will be almost impossible to get.
  • Leasing cars will also be a thing of the past.
Today I watched a financial expert tell everyone that our entire financial world is being turned upside down. I saw her tell a family that was $90,000 in debt that "You can't afford to live in your home. Move into an apartment or stay with family." It's becoming scary out there...

Now, where did I put my $600 "stimulus tax refund?" I will probably need it to help pay with other Americans the $600 trillion dollars that Dubya allowed to spiral out of control.

Oh, and did you hear on the news that Nashville, TN is the only city in the entire 50 states of these United States to run out of gas? Am I the only one that knows that this is another crock of crap?

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm referring to getting older! Although, some say that even at the age of 12, I was really 40 years old! But, after talking to some people this weekend and listening to myself talk, "IT" has happened to me full force.

For example, you know you're getting older when:
  • You call your partner/spouse either "Mother" or "Daddy"
    Staying home on a Saturday night sounds comforting

  • HGTV has replaced MTV in your home.

  • A nap is luxurious, not a waste of time

  • Your bed is your best friend after a long day.

  • A night out on the town is having dinner and then coming home.

  • You get excited when you can go to Home Depot and browse swatches

  • You use birthday money to purchase paint to paint the house

  • You're looking for a new car, and buy practical over sports car

  • You'd rather take a BC Powder than a regular aspirin

  • You need a pill box with "Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night" compartments to hold all your medication.

  • The Walgreens pharmacist knows you by name

  • You find yourself watching documentaries that would have made you yawn in your younger years.

  • You watch the news all the time

  • You refer to another person of your same age as "a girl" or "a boy" instead of woman or man.

  • The idea of going to a concert and battling the crowds for parking and so on, doesn't appeal to you any longer.
  • Your pets become your furry children.

  • You forget why you walked into a certain room in your house or you forget what you were talking about in mid sentence.

  • Your partner/spouse can finish your sentences when you forget what you are talking about.

  • You remember when there weren't computers in the home.

  • You remember when everyone learned how to use computers "on the job"

  • You remember dual disk drives and Enable software.

  • You remember when kids walked to school and played outdoors after getting home.

  • You remember doing your homework without a computer

  • Remember when there were computer labs in college because so few people had them at home?

    Sheesh, see what I mean?

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You'd think I'd be used to this...

but, I'm not. What am I talking about? DISCRIMINATION.

I applied for a writing job not too long ago and the recruiter called me and was thrilled with my qualifications. Great! Offer coming soon, right?

WRONG. The editor of this publishing company wanted a spouse to write a book on "Loving a Man with XYZ condition". When I revealed that my partner had this condition, she cautiously asked, You ARE married to a MAN, correct? When I said, "No" and explained the situation, - Boom. I didn't get the job.

Why? Cause I'm gay. That's it. If I had submitted a writing sample and she didn't like it, okay. I understand that.

Folks, we are smack dab in the latter part of 2008. Can we please move on into the 20th century? Harumph.

On to a lighter note....The Olympics are over (and man! weren't they exciting!) and my best bro, Alan Solomon survived it! If you remember, he and I co-wrote the book, "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" (it's an award winner by the way!) Anyway, Alan lives in Beijing, China and assisted the Chinese police with security.

Our book, "The Mango Tree Cafe', Loi Kroh Road"
Here he is enjoying some bar-b-que in Beijing (Company picnic).

Alan chowing down on BBQ

By the way, A Message to the Editor: "To Thine Own Self Be True" allow others to follow it.
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