Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm referring to getting older! Although, some say that even at the age of 12, I was really 40 years old! But, after talking to some people this weekend and listening to myself talk, "IT" has happened to me full force.

For example, you know you're getting older when:
  • You call your partner/spouse either "Mother" or "Daddy"
    Staying home on a Saturday night sounds comforting

  • HGTV has replaced MTV in your home.

  • A nap is luxurious, not a waste of time

  • Your bed is your best friend after a long day.

  • A night out on the town is having dinner and then coming home.

  • You get excited when you can go to Home Depot and browse swatches

  • You use birthday money to purchase paint to paint the house

  • You're looking for a new car, and buy practical over sports car

  • You'd rather take a BC Powder than a regular aspirin

  • You need a pill box with "Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night" compartments to hold all your medication.

  • The Walgreens pharmacist knows you by name

  • You find yourself watching documentaries that would have made you yawn in your younger years.

  • You watch the news all the time

  • You refer to another person of your same age as "a girl" or "a boy" instead of woman or man.

  • The idea of going to a concert and battling the crowds for parking and so on, doesn't appeal to you any longer.
  • Your pets become your furry children.

  • You forget why you walked into a certain room in your house or you forget what you were talking about in mid sentence.

  • Your partner/spouse can finish your sentences when you forget what you are talking about.

  • You remember when there weren't computers in the home.

  • You remember when everyone learned how to use computers "on the job"

  • You remember dual disk drives and Enable software.

  • You remember when kids walked to school and played outdoors after getting home.

  • You remember doing your homework without a computer

  • Remember when there were computer labs in college because so few people had them at home?

    Sheesh, see what I mean?

    More Musings Later

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