Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It was the Best of Times...Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

2010 without a doubt, has been the mother of all years for me.  And, it seems that this pinnacle year began to flex it's muscle almost immediately.

While it seems that 2010 has ground my emotions and psyche up like hamburger meat, I've taken a look around and I'm not the only one.  People that have been involved in longstanding relationships are now standing as one.  The usual is now unusual and the norm is now on it's ear. 

It's been strange to observe all that has happened and that is happening as I speak.  As for living my life, it has been difficult at best as I find myself struggling to find "my new normal."  The end of this traumatic year has my attention and my thoughts.  I can only wonder what is ahead in 2011.

Whatever it is, I hope the path is a bit more level and that we can all find our new normal.

More Musings Later-