Sunday, January 27, 2008


The title almost screams the refrain of the song from Fiddler on the Roof, doesn't it? I think it is an interesting concept though...

How many traditions do you and your family past or present have? I'm sure we share some of the traditional ones (like holiday celebrations). But some... I'm willing to bet some of mine are unique! Especially as I was growing up...

For Example:

* The parents have just announced that we are going out to dinner.

TRADITION: My sister and I dance the celebratory "Food Dance" in the kitchen.

* You are at a party and someone asks if you do any impressions of celebrities

TRADITION: If your sister is there, you break into a complete with choreography, a spirited rendition of "I'm a little bit Country, I'm a little bit Rock and Roll" by Donny and Marie.

* You and your sister decide you are going to go out clubbing

TRADITION: You eat a Sonic Burger to sop all of the alcohol you will ingest later.

* You and your sister get to the club and one forgets the order in which to switch alcohol.

TRADITION: The other sister reminds you that "Drink a beer first, then any kind of alcohol you want except for wine." Why? This hypothesis is a proven fact for sibling stomachs.

* You go to eat Mexican Food

TRADITION: Both of you use the tortilla chips in the basket by dipping them in the refried beans and then dipping into the fried rice. Because a man that looked like your Uncle did it a million years ago in a Monterey House restaurant and he took the time to school the both of us in fine dipping of Mexican food. It somehow tastes more delicious than eating it the regular way.

* You watch people on TV that have unusual facial expressions or speaking habits.

TRADITION: Both you and your sister begin to make fun of them.


I love family traditions, don't you?

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things Everyone Should Do At Least Once In Their Life...

1. Take a Chance - on whatever it is that inspires or spurs your passion.

2. Go to New York City

3. While in New York City, go to a neighborhood pub and strike up conversation with the locals.

4. While in New York City, dine at Tavern on the Green.

5. Keep a Journal...and One day, it will keep you.

6. Make a point to say "Thank You" at least once a day.

7. Sing Karaoke and have fun with it.

8. Go Skinny'll never forget it.

9. Pay off all your debt, you will feel so powerful once you do.

10. Travel to a tropical island

11. Take a weekend trip with yourself.

12. Take a bubble bath, light candles and play relaxing music.

13. Get a massage

14. Go to Barnes & Noble and browse through all the books for an entire afternoon

15. Do whatever it takes to finish this sentence: "I'm so glad that I decided to __________ when I had the chance."

Make your own list, you'll be glad you did.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deer in the Headlights

Last night we were traveling down Old Murfreesboro Road where the blackness of the night hung in the air as thick as pea soup fog.

I spotted a couple of cars that had stopped on the side of the road that had appeared to be in a fender bender situation. I slowed the car down and asked if we could help...a young man was visibly upset and told us that everyone was ok, but he hit a baby deer and it was hurt.

In the meantime, another young man was trying his best to grab the deer so that he could finish it off and proclaim the poor animal as "dinner". I yelled at him to ask if anyone called animal control or the ASPCA. He gave me a sour look and dropped the deer and left.

We quickly called the police and animal control and the 3 of us, strangers to all, stared at this beautiful deer in the night, trying to talk and soothe it's shattered nerves. The deer finally stopped struggling and watched us as much as we were watching it.

I could see the shallow panting and the blood on the ground that was spilled as he darted into traffic, smack dab into a Pontiac Vibe. I noticed the deer's tongue was soaked with blood and knew that it wasn't looking good for this little doe-eyed beauty. Hopefully, the animal expert would be here to sedate it and take care of it.

The swirling colors of blue, white and red filled up the sky as the cop soon arrived. He didn't say much except to check on the animal expert. The deer by now had grown accustomed to our faces and had a sense of trust that we were trying to help him.

The animal expert showed up and flashed a light on the deer. We offered ideas on how best to move the deer and asked if he was going to sedate it first.

He looked at us with disdain as he spoke to the cop quietly. "What are you going to do?" my partner asked. "Maam, step away from the animal." is all he would say. He had a huge bulbous stomach that had stretched out the ragged polo shirt he was wearing. He went to his truck and got a revolver.

We all 3 were incredulous. My partner demanded his badge number, to which he replied:

"Maam, step away from the animal. If you try to interfere with my job, I'll take you downtown." So there we had it...she had been threatened by the poster boy for "Hunters R Us". We all 3 looked at the doe again and began to cry. The little guy trusted that we were going to help him.

I can only hope that the gunshot ended his pain quickly. I know that for me, that gunshot is still ringing in my ears and isn't likely to stop my pain anytime soon.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something to Share....the Intrigue Goes On...

Last night I was reading my emails that multiply faster than rabbits and decided to check my Gmail account.

There he was, Alan Solomon was online just starting the next day's work while I am winding down with mine from trom the previous day. That's how it is in China and Nashville.

So, I am reading my email and a new email with an attachment pops up suddenly. It's from Alan. I read it, and I am taken with it. I have a huge crazy grin on my face as he types out his proposal.

Yes, we are collaborating again on another book. Can we do it again? Stay tuned...

If you Build it, They will Come

What a nice early birthday gift.

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