Sunday, January 27, 2008


The title almost screams the refrain of the song from Fiddler on the Roof, doesn't it? I think it is an interesting concept though...

How many traditions do you and your family past or present have? I'm sure we share some of the traditional ones (like holiday celebrations). But some... I'm willing to bet some of mine are unique! Especially as I was growing up...

For Example:

* The parents have just announced that we are going out to dinner.

TRADITION: My sister and I dance the celebratory "Food Dance" in the kitchen.

* You are at a party and someone asks if you do any impressions of celebrities

TRADITION: If your sister is there, you break into a complete with choreography, a spirited rendition of "I'm a little bit Country, I'm a little bit Rock and Roll" by Donny and Marie.

* You and your sister decide you are going to go out clubbing

TRADITION: You eat a Sonic Burger to sop all of the alcohol you will ingest later.

* You and your sister get to the club and one forgets the order in which to switch alcohol.

TRADITION: The other sister reminds you that "Drink a beer first, then any kind of alcohol you want except for wine." Why? This hypothesis is a proven fact for sibling stomachs.

* You go to eat Mexican Food

TRADITION: Both of you use the tortilla chips in the basket by dipping them in the refried beans and then dipping into the fried rice. Because a man that looked like your Uncle did it a million years ago in a Monterey House restaurant and he took the time to school the both of us in fine dipping of Mexican food. It somehow tastes more delicious than eating it the regular way.

* You watch people on TV that have unusual facial expressions or speaking habits.

TRADITION: Both you and your sister begin to make fun of them.


I love family traditions, don't you?

More Musings Later-

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