Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Democrats are faced with a very important decision

Hillary or Obama?

What's your take? We are faced in this country with 2 "firsts" in this election. The first woman president and the first black president possibility. And, it appears that the country is really wrestling with these two choices.

Personally, I'm backing Hillary. Not just because she is a woman. Here are my reasons:

She is smart. Dare I say, smarter than Bill Clinton and that is really something.

She has been investigated almost the entire 8 years that she was first lady. There are no more surprises. She's been though it, and we all know her skeletons.

She has a passion to straighten out health care. She tried to overhaul the healthcare industry in 93, but the Washington cronies weren't about to have a first lady tackle such a "Presidential" task.

She comes with a built in advisor, former president Bill Clinton. Our country is in such disarray, she is going to need all the resources available to her.

She has pledged to take away corporate america's tax incentives if they ship jobs overseas.

It took a Clinton to clean up Bush Sr's mess and it will take a Clinton to clean up after Jr's mess.

During the Clinton years, we had a paid off debt with a surplus of funds to boot. People were employed, the stock market was booming and people weren't worried about losing their home.

Hillary and Barack

I'm not sure about Obama. The press is reluctant to expose his skeletons. I'm not sure why...the probing questions just aren't there like they were for Hillary. He's a talented orator to be sure, but I just have a nagging feeling there is more to the story than he lets on. Yet, he is doing the traditional politics crap that they all do. Yet, he isn't called on it. Why?
Either way....do the right thing and vote for your choice.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Nashville Musicians are getting "Too Big for their Britches"

At least, that is how my grandmother would sum things up.

For those of you that live somewhere other than Nashville, Kix Brooks, 1/2 of the popular Country duo Brooks and Dunn made some comments that Fan Fair (CMA Fest) is in danger of losing Nashville as it's hosting city.

Why? It's absolute greed on the part of these musicians. Believe me, I'm all for artists getting paid for their work. But these artists, especially the more well-known acts are pitching a fit because they won't be paid to perform at Fan Fair.

Brooks's argument is that the Country artists are having to turn down paying gigs for that one weekend that pay $600,000 in order to perform at Fan Fair for free.

He goes on to say that he realizes that Fan Fair is a chance to "give back to the fans" but Gee Whiz, "Every day is Fan Fair for our fans...we are constantly signing autographs every day..."

Kix Brooks performing before thousands of adoring fans - What a hardship.

Hmmmm...let me see. So, Mr. Brooks is claiming hardship due to signing autographs. That tells me one thing. Mr. Brooks is totally out of touch with the public. I don't know what hardship he could be talking about...C'mon, every act in Nashville is missing out on $600,000 for that one weekend?

Mr. Brooks gave us the cons for appearing for the few hours designated for Fan Fair, but here are the pros:

1. The artists live in Nashville, they wouldn't have to travel

2. It's great publicity for their upcoming album

3. FREE exposure

4. They get to meet the people that put food on their table, pay their bills and basically allow them to enjoy the lifestyle that they do.

5. See #4

6. See #4

7. See #4

8. See #4

9. See #4

10. It takes so little to make the fans happy. A few minutes of conversation, shaking of hands and a 5 song set isn't too much to ask.

What a grind it must be to meet your fans.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Kix Brooks. Perhaps you should earn the same living that your fans do to learn how fortunate you really are.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Of COURSE! A Beagle WON!

I watched the news today and hooted when I saw that Uno, the beagle won the Westminster Dog Best in Show!

I have proudly owned 2 beagles myself, and I will tell you, they are noisy, mouthy, hilarious, full of personality, loving and good with people and kids. Oh, and Stubborn....did I mention that? Not just stubborn. I'm talking S T U B B O R N!!!!!!

That's ok, now the beagle will have renewed popularity as America's favorite dog.

Now, I ask you, here is a shot of Uno. He's beautiful, I know. Perfect in every way. But which is cuter? Uno or my beagle, Baby?? You already know my vote.

Uno the champion beagle on top, and My Baby Simpson below!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barry Piggott, Barry Piggott, Where For Art Thou?

Okay, sue me. I was trying a little Shakespearean prose without much success!

You're probably wondering just who in the hell is Barry Piggott? You're also probably wondering if that last name is real. I mean really....Piggott?

To answer your first question: Barry Piggott was a childhood friend of mine that I met through my sister. She had a little band that consisted of keyboards (my sister), Bass (a friend of hers, Bob) and drums (Barry Piggott). I remember they would rehearse in our living room and I thought it was so cool when they played together.

The reason Barry made such an impression on me is that he was the youngest in the group, he was awfully cute, and he was a drummer, the same as me. For a teenage boy of 14 or 15, he was exceedingly easy to talk to. So, we grew into fast friends although I kept my huge crush on him a secret!

So whatever happened to Barry Piggott?

He is living in the Beaumont/Port Arthur Texas area and he is a professional musician. He plays a variety of instruments with his main instruments being keyboards and harmonica (or harp) as well as singing lead. He favors R & B and Rock-n-Roll as is the tradition of music in that area.

Barry Piggott
C'mon, you know the musicians to come out of the Golden Triangle: Janis Joplin, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, songwriter Don Rollins (It's 5 O'clock Somewhere) , George Jones, Clay Walker, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, Jerry LaCroix and a host of others.

Barry with Jerry LaCroix, former lead singer of Blood Sweat & Tears
It's funny, I found out that Barry has a 15 year old son now and my God, it's like looking at his father 30 years ago. Right down to the hair-do! He even plays a shiny blue set of drums. History is repeating itself!

The Piggotts are a talented family. Barry's father, Johnny Piggott is a lifelong musician in his own right and plays a mean guitar. He often sits in with his son and sings backup. I can remember many a weekend spending time at the Piggotts' house watching Barry practice and Johnny coaching his band. Oh, and there is one more Piggott musician, little brother David who was 3 years old when I knew him. He now plays bass for Monte Montgomery and travels all over the world.

David Piggott all grown up!

Another shot of David
Question #2: Yes, Piggott is their real name! I was always so glad all the guys were thin...Porky Piggott is such an unkind nickname.

I've tried to hook up with Barry several times, but it just hasn't worked out as he doesn't have internet connection.

Thanks for the memories, Barry.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm Taryn Simpson, and I approve this Message

Is anyone else getting sick of the politics that are going around yet? Jeez my knees we're in February and we got 9 more months of this crap. Thank God for "I love Lucy" reruns and "Golden Girls" on Lifetime. Sheesh.

It must be really intense though to be a political candidate for the President of the United States, though. The power trip must be the big allure....I know it's not the money. You can't hardly be president unless you have a decent bankroll. Even though I hate politics of any form, I still try to picture what I would do if I were a candidate.

I envision George Stephanopolous grilling me on ABC news.

George: So, Taryn...what made you decide to join the presidential race?

Taryn: Well, I was driving along the coast of California and it was so beautiful...the sun was just starting to set and I thought how lucky I am to see this magnificient scenery....

George: Uh, Taryn? you haven't answered my question.

Taryn: It worked for Reagan, didn't it?

George: What would be the first thing you would do if elected to office?

Taryn: I would ban everyone from wearing suits. Sneakers would be the shoe of choice and Fridays would be "PJ Day". No exceptions.

George: What would be your foreign policy?

Taryn: When a dignitary visits from another country, we would sit down and play a game of poker. Texas Hold'em preferably. That's to show I mean business. Then, when I win, I would split a hot fudge sundae with them. Just so there's no hard feelings.

George: Are you up for the grueling hours it takes to be President?

Taryn: Absolutely not. I'm old. I need naps. And beware to the Secret Service agent that wakes me out of a sound sleep. If something happens in the middle of the night, I'll deal with it in the morning.

George: I'm guessing you would utilize Camp David for working vacations?

Taryn: Working and Vacation don't belong in the same sentence. My vacation spot would change from Camp David to Key West.

George: I know you're a Democrat....what do you think of Obama and Clinton?

Taryn: Obama seems like a nice dude. He's very clean cut and smart. But, I don't know that I agree with his opinions. I'm afraid he is tarnished in my mind because of the way he danced when he appeared on the Ellen show. He was pretty lame.

Clinton? I think she is one tough broad. She has her hands full being married to Bill. I really like Bill and think he is very smart....he's just what my grandfather used to term as "Life stupid and Book smart". I think Hillary is "Life smart and Book smart." I like Hilly. Sue me.

George: Are you always this blunt?

Taryn: Duh, what do you think??? (I'm sarcastic too).

I'm Taryn Simpson and I approve of this message. You can take a hike now, George.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Can Anyone Help?

It's been awhile since I last posted. Can anyone say "Stomach Flu"??? Oh My God.....I can't remember the last time I was that sick. It was NASTY. And, I do mean N-A-S-T-Y. Ugh.

But, I got over it as we all tend to do, which brings me to this current post.

Remember my friend, Jason Walker? Yep, he is the co-author of "Missing My Body" and he and his family are in DIRE need of a Full Size, Wheelchair Equipped Van. As you may remember, Jason has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and I do believe he is the oldest living MD patient if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, as you can imagine, living with this horrible disease is very costly and in order to transport Jason anywhere, his family must have a van.

You can contact me at TSIM681157@aol.com.
Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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