Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Nashville Musicians are getting "Too Big for their Britches"

At least, that is how my grandmother would sum things up.

For those of you that live somewhere other than Nashville, Kix Brooks, 1/2 of the popular Country duo Brooks and Dunn made some comments that Fan Fair (CMA Fest) is in danger of losing Nashville as it's hosting city.

Why? It's absolute greed on the part of these musicians. Believe me, I'm all for artists getting paid for their work. But these artists, especially the more well-known acts are pitching a fit because they won't be paid to perform at Fan Fair.

Brooks's argument is that the Country artists are having to turn down paying gigs for that one weekend that pay $600,000 in order to perform at Fan Fair for free.

He goes on to say that he realizes that Fan Fair is a chance to "give back to the fans" but Gee Whiz, "Every day is Fan Fair for our fans...we are constantly signing autographs every day..."

Kix Brooks performing before thousands of adoring fans - What a hardship.

Hmmmm...let me see. So, Mr. Brooks is claiming hardship due to signing autographs. That tells me one thing. Mr. Brooks is totally out of touch with the public. I don't know what hardship he could be talking about...C'mon, every act in Nashville is missing out on $600,000 for that one weekend?

Mr. Brooks gave us the cons for appearing for the few hours designated for Fan Fair, but here are the pros:

1. The artists live in Nashville, they wouldn't have to travel

2. It's great publicity for their upcoming album

3. FREE exposure

4. They get to meet the people that put food on their table, pay their bills and basically allow them to enjoy the lifestyle that they do.

5. See #4

6. See #4

7. See #4

8. See #4

9. See #4

10. It takes so little to make the fans happy. A few minutes of conversation, shaking of hands and a 5 song set isn't too much to ask.

What a grind it must be to meet your fans.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Kix Brooks. Perhaps you should earn the same living that your fans do to learn how fortunate you really are.

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Anonymous said...

This whole issue makes me sick. I was downtown last night and was stopped and asked for money twice in 2 minutes. These people are sleeping in the streets. Since there does not seem to be anyone in government that help these people, you artists are our only help to keep money in Nashville. Remember you were once begging for money when you started out playing for tips. You all have nice houses (most more then just one)these people live in the street. Give back and do not complain about not making any money and have to pay your bands expensives..We all know that is just a big fat tax right off for you.
Give me a break please. If you cannot afford to lose a days pay then do not perform.