Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Of COURSE! A Beagle WON!

I watched the news today and hooted when I saw that Uno, the beagle won the Westminster Dog Best in Show!

I have proudly owned 2 beagles myself, and I will tell you, they are noisy, mouthy, hilarious, full of personality, loving and good with people and kids. Oh, and Stubborn....did I mention that? Not just stubborn. I'm talking S T U B B O R N!!!!!!

That's ok, now the beagle will have renewed popularity as America's favorite dog.

Now, I ask you, here is a shot of Uno. He's beautiful, I know. Perfect in every way. But which is cuter? Uno or my beagle, Baby?? You already know my vote.

Uno the champion beagle on top, and My Baby Simpson below!

More Musings Later-

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