Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Randy Moss

I remember watching the NFL station one evening not too long ago when the commentators were discussing the fact that your contract was coming up for renewal with the New England Patriots.  I watched you as you answered questions for reporters.  You reiterated that you would work your butt off regardless of come what may with your contract.  I thought it was a fair and succinct statement given the circumstances.  I'm not sure why the Patriots didn't come clean with the contract negotiations, but hey, professional football is a business, right?

Suddenly, you are sent to the Minnesota Vikings.  Things don't seem to be working well there either.  Why?  Who knows.  Office politics is an ugly game that most people don't care to participate in.  I'm one of them.  In fact, I'm willing to bet that if I had been dealt the same hand as you, I would play them the same way as you did too. 

You probably feel like once again, you are shuffled off to another lame pro football team.  Let me fill you in on the Nashville fans and the Tennessee Titans.  We WANT you here.  That's why Fisher snapped you up as quickly as he did.  Do we already have great players?  You bet we do.  Adding you to the roster only makes our team better, not a liability. 

Nashville is beyond excited by having you on the team.  We may have a "country bumpkin" reputation due to our musical history and geography, but we are also a metropolitan city with an exciting football team that just got better within a blink of an eye.  We want you to work your butt off.    

In exchange for your hard work, expect to see:
  • Fans snapping up jerseys with your name on the back.   
  • A rowdy, supportive crowd at the games
  • A fiercely loyal fan base.
  • A sold out crowd at our home stadium, as well as  every sports bar in town to be packed to the rafters cheering for you and the rest of our guys.

We may be "boring" or not "metropolitan" enough for some players, but we're loyal, rowdy and we're dying to win a Super Bowl.

Ya With Us?   We need to go just ONE MORE YARD.
Welcome, Randy Moss.