Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I think this is what they call Serendipity

I never in my life thought I would look forward to work each day. Never in my life. I get up at 6am every morning, race upstairs to the bonus room (uh, I mean my office) and start my day. I've learned so much and my mind is racing with ideas for my business. Heck, I even turned down a job from a guy in New York City. I just didn't have a good feeling about it, and I said no. I felt so powerful at that moment. After I turned it down, I kept hearing his words in my ears. "You are an entrepreneur and I need that for my business". entrepreneur.

So many good things are happening to me this month, that I can't get over it. I went to a writer's meeting last night and just sat awestruck at some of the folks who read their material. Such raw, undiscovered talent. I think next month I will read a poem I wrote some time ago called "In My Skin". I've kept my face in a jar by the door for too long, to quote Eleanor Rigby.

More musings later.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Contracts, Writing and Referrals, Oh My!

Wow....who knew that writing for a living was such a big business? I'm finding that getting work for Bios, Press Releases and Web content are not as plentiful as the Ghostwriting gig. Man.....I am being bombarded with referrals from other writers as well as getting some business myself for this. Not that I am griping mind you!

The biggest pain I have found so far is getting contracts out, copied and sent to the client as well as tracking who gets what on commission. Small issues that I am loving!

Ghostwriting rocks. By the way, I framed my first dollar :)

More musings later

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm still in shock...

I logged into AOL as I do each morning of my writing career. I noticed an email from a company that I sent my book, "Glittering Secrets" to for film consideration.

I read the email. I read it again. I read it again. I read it again. By God, they are interested in converting the book to film. I sat stunned in my chair staring at the email glowing on my laptop screen. Then I began to write an email to everyone I have ever known in my lifetime.

I won't believe it until I actually see the process started.

Life is good. DAMN good.

More Musings later.

Monday, April 10, 2006

P Diddy and Me

Great news to report! After 4 solid days of cold calling, taking editing tests, etc, I have one of my first gigs as a full time writer! I'm really looking forward to it. People are amazed that leads are coming about already, and I have to say that I am pretty shocked myself. This is FAB if I can keep it up!

The 7th was my birthday, but it turned out to be a pretty horrendous day for most Tennesseans as it was the worst tornadoes to hit our area since the 70's. It wasn't much of an issue anyway, as P Diddy insisted on hanging out with me that day (and the day before). I tell you, he makes me so incredibly exhausted and I just feel crappy in general. I kept trying to lose him, and to tell him to get lost, but he is obnoxious that way. Oh well. You can't control others, only yourself, right?

By the way, P Diddy is my nickname for Parkinson's Disease. Did I mention that I think he sucks?

More musings later.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nose to the Grindstone and loving it!

I wasted no time in jumping right into the middle of my freelance writing career! Monday morning, bright and early, I raced to Walmart and bought a wireless keyboard/mouse so that I could get right to work.

Hunched over my laptop, with the windows up in my bonus room, uh, my office, I busily googled, yahooed, media bistroed and everything else getting my name out there. I labored over Google adwords (if you have any suggestions, please please give me a comment!!!!!), and I created my spreadsheets for quotes, contracts and the like. I'm in heaven.

AND, to make things even friend, Drew is also working to be self employed, as I am! So, that means I have a buddy to go to Chamber of Commerce meetings with and someone to network and bounce ideas. We have a pact to get together to meet next week, which is cool. We'll meet for coffee or something and go over our plans and ideas.

Life is really cool right now...ok, where's the money?

More musings later.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Shackles are Off...

Well, my time is done. No more fighting morning traffic, walking into a sea of beige cubicles, fax machines, and printers. It's over.

I might have mentioned in previous posts that my coworkers decided to take me to lunch for my goodbye. I was very nervous about this lunch as I have never felt that we glommed due to my differentness. For those of you that feel like the outsider of your coworkers, you know what I mean.

That is where my friend comes in. I won't mention her name, but this person has worked for this organization for a long time, and insisted that she accompany me to the lunch. Granted, she didn't know my coworkers, but she knew I felt wierd about the whole thing. I finally agreed to her taking me. What did I have to lose?

We walked in, with all eyes upon us, and my friend smiled, introduced herself to each of my coworkers and chatted easily with all of them. Not that she ignored me either, my friend turned this uncomfortable gathering into a great, easy social event. The thing that it did for me, was give me legitamacy. My coworkers saw me in a new light, not the misfit, but knowing someone with years of experience and knowledge, someone socially graceful.

I think that is when the shackles fell off.

More musings later.