Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm still in shock...

I logged into AOL as I do each morning of my writing career. I noticed an email from a company that I sent my book, "Glittering Secrets" to for film consideration.

I read the email. I read it again. I read it again. I read it again. By God, they are interested in converting the book to film. I sat stunned in my chair staring at the email glowing on my laptop screen. Then I began to write an email to everyone I have ever known in my lifetime.

I won't believe it until I actually see the process started.

Life is good. DAMN good.

More Musings later.


Anonymous said...

For a week that started out on a crappy note (with P Diddy by your side), it sure has turned around!!
Congrats to you, my friend! Now tell Mr Diddy that you have no time for his nonsense, kick him to the curb, and get that film going! I am so happy that things are looking bright for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Taryn this is great! I can't wait to see your vision on the big screen.