Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My HR Thunder!

I was taking a look at my Yahoo page yesterday and I did a double take. Yes, Virginia, there is now a blog out there called "Your HR Guy". He doles out HR advice (like me), talks about no-nos in Corporate America (like me) and answers questions from people that write in to him (like me). I have to give him credit...he writes very well and has a good following.

Oh well, the one thing I have that he doesn't have is I'M STILL THE MOST BITTER HR PERSON !!!!!! (tongue in cheek humor). LOL

Check him out, go ahead...but don't tell me he's better than me!

More musings later.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Next Time You Belly up to the Bar.....

it pays to be aware of your surroundings. Last evening, I stopped in at a local restaurant/bar and bellied up to enjoy a cocktail or two. The bartender was no fun. He was slamming glasses on the bar, throwing ice into the blender and being a noise nuisance. He just didn't want to be there, and quite honestly, I didn't want to be there with him either.

Then...I heard a distinct Brooklyn/Wisconsin type of accent talking to a fellow patron to the left of me. One thing led to another and we struck up a conversation. At first, I have to admit; I was a little uneasy. Why? He proceeds to tell me he was in prison for 7 years when he lived in Brooklyn. But, he didn't do it. (yeah, yeah). But wait. He tells me more of his story and I know where I have heard his story.

A little known actor named Brandon Frasier played him in his life story.

So, next time your passing the time at your local bar...listen to the conversation around you. You never know who you're going to meet.

Cheers! More musings later

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"The Good Old Bad Ole Days"

Sunday, I tagged along with my partner to watch her shoot headshots of my former boss, "The Mikster". You remember....I wrote about her a couple of posts ago. After she was complete with her pictures, we sat and talked about our days in HR in our "former lives".

My God, I had forgotten some of the things that we used to encounter on a day to day basis. People would simply not believe the shenanigans that go on in that evil little department! We talked about old bosses, old employees, the troublemakers, the good ones, laughs, cries and the time I was frisked by a cop so that I could accompany an employee to a "nervous hospital". (Lingo courtesy of the movie 'Slingblade' - Uh Huh!) Just one of many "situations" I encountered. Bt it wasn't anything "T" or "The Mikster" (our nicknames for each other) couldn't handle.

So many good ole, bad ole days.
More musings later-

What in the world???

I got up this evening to go cook a little dinner and saw on the news where North Korea tried to launch 4 missiles (which failed, Thank God) to get "our attention". What is this world coming to? It makes me think of how vulnerable we really are these days...

For some reason, it made me think back to my government class in college. My professor was a fan of Lyndon B Johnson, and quoted him often. Including the cuss words and Texanisms. So, I will the words of Lyndon B Johnson:

..."Stop this coup shit!"

More musings later