Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"The Good Old Bad Ole Days"

Sunday, I tagged along with my partner to watch her shoot headshots of my former boss, "The Mikster". You remember....I wrote about her a couple of posts ago. After she was complete with her pictures, we sat and talked about our days in HR in our "former lives".

My God, I had forgotten some of the things that we used to encounter on a day to day basis. People would simply not believe the shenanigans that go on in that evil little department! We talked about old bosses, old employees, the troublemakers, the good ones, laughs, cries and the time I was frisked by a cop so that I could accompany an employee to a "nervous hospital". (Lingo courtesy of the movie 'Slingblade' - Uh Huh!) Just one of many "situations" I encountered. Bt it wasn't anything "T" or "The Mikster" (our nicknames for each other) couldn't handle.

So many good ole, bad ole days.
More musings later-

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