Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leo and Willies

Last night, my partner and I went out to dinner.  Let me tell you, we NEEDED that dinner out.  Why?  Well, let me set the atmosphere:

We've been scraping for jobs during this crappy-ass economy and finally are starting to get some steady gigs.  We haven't been out in MONTHS.  Literally.  We live AND work together 24/7.  We've been sniping at each other, stressed out, having laptops implode, talking to customer service geeks in China who can barely speak conversational English, replacing a waterheater that was leaking and the list goes on.  I'm willing to bet that we haven't been out in at least a year. 

We decided to go to a restaurant that featured tinkly music, quiet conversation, candlelit tables and a piano player after 8pm.  As we sat and talked, the scope of our conversation changed.  It wasn't about laundry needing to be done, blogging that was behind etc.  We were discussing "dating-esque" topics.  Things that interested each of us, vacations that we took in the past that we loved and why.  It was relaxing.  In fact, it reminded me of when my parents would go to a restaurant in Port Arthur, Texas called, "Leo and Willies". 

My sister and I would be on our best behavior and we always ordered the same thing.  Some sort of Chicken Cutlet that was so unique and delicious, that if I tasted it today, I would know it in a second who made it.  My parents would even have a cocktail and they weren't much for drinking in those days.  The lighting was dim, there was tinkly music, people dressed in their finest suits and dresses and everyone talking in quiet conversation as forks, knives and spoons clattered quietly against the plates.  As I looked around, Chianti was purchased and poured freely from it's wicker holder and exotic cigar smoke filled the air.  It was my first fancy restaurant memory.

Once dinner was over, I always excused myself from the table and walked over to where the cashier waited for payments and gave out mints for the ride home.  She sat behind a glass case that was filled with various cigar boxes  with cigars on display.  I would stare at those cigars and wondered about the men who smoked them.  We lived so frugally in those days that I couldn't imagine buying a cigar for after dinner.  I thought Leo and Willies was the most incredible place I had ever been to.  Somehow, problems lifted temporarily, people talked softly and laughter was so much easier within the confines of candlelight and tinkly music.

That's when I made myself a promise:  When things are too much, if I can possibly swing it, I visit Leo and Willie type restaurants.  When I am celebrating an event such as a birthday, exotic vacation etc, I purchase a cigar and smoke it.  They were never meant to be packaged inside a box under glass without the hope of being opened. 

I love nights like last night.

More Musings Later-

Friday, January 15, 2010

So Much BS, So Little Time-

Sorry for the lateness of my official "First Post of 2010."  It's not that I didn't WANT to blog, I've been up to my backend in work, suddenly.  That's a good thing.  I'm barely keeping up, but need to.  So, I'm happy about that.  :D

Now, a few things have transpired since my last blog and I have been mocking my own television with frustration as I finish work for clients.  Here are some of them:
They have one more game to play and "can't think of a reason to really play hard since they were eliminated from the playoffs..."

My Suggestion:  How about playing for those 6-7 zeros that are in FRONT of the decimal point that you are paid each year?  Don't even get me started. 

Other Thoughts:  Jeff Fisher's hair is too dark.  Quit dying it Black shoe polish.  Try a medium brown, you know, like the kind you have always had except for the last 6 games.

Please retire Kerry Collins.  He looks tired and he's not getting the hint that he is a BACKUP quarterback at best, not a starter. 

Can someone interpret for Chris Johnson when he is interviewed?  He is a spectacular athlete, I just can't understand what he is saying.  It looks like it might be pretty good since he shakes his dread locks at the end of each statement and laughs. 
Lane Kiffin Quits UT and goes to USC - Knoxville Riots

First of all, why would anyone riot?  The guy is an idiot and not too tightly wrapped.  So what?  He went to USC where there is better weather and better money for sure.  And, I'm willing to bet there aren't any criminals on the team either. When the crowd (after rioting and burning hate messages into the grass etc. for Lane) settled down. 

The local news interviewed a few people about his sudden departure.
One twenty-something male said, "He's an A**hole!  If you ain't a UT Volunteer, You ain't NUTHIN!"

My Thoughts: "Dear boy, believe it or not, there is a great big ole world outside of those goalposts in Knoxville, TN.  I promise.  You should venture out sometime.  Really."  NOWHe's an A**hole for leaving Tennessee?  Give me a break!  I love where I live and love Tennessee.  But, if I am a younger person and have the opportunity to get a job where I know I will like it and get the perks of : Great weather, GREAT money and a GREAT school.  You're telling me you would turn that down?  I'm sorry, but you're an idiot.  Get over youself.  

Meanwhile, in Nashville, TN, they are voting on an Education bill where children are flunking basic courses.  Breaking news is flooding my email about Lane Kiffin.  PEOPLE:  WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT, LANE KIFFIN OR EDUCATION IN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE?  Wait, don't answer that.  Sheesh.
Here's to: THE BACHELOR, HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, AMERICAN IDOL and all the other reality shows. 


Happy 2010 Everyone.

More Musings Later-