Wednesday, April 25, 2012

John Edwards

Yep, John Edwards is on trial to determine if he stole campaign funds to "accommodate" his mistress at the time who was pregnant out to there.

He leaves me to shake my head and wonder about men in general.  Not only did he lead the public astray (not too shocking for a politician, but still....), but this man cheated on his dying wife and lied all the while to his family about the affair and his re-entry into fatherhood.

It takes 2 to tango and I think his mistress is just as much to blame as Edwards for the affair.  However, I blame Edwards for succumbing to the temptations of cheating.  Not just cheating on his spouse, but his family as well.  Not to be crass, but if he was in such a hurry to have an affair, he couldn't at least wait until his wife passed away?  What must his children think of him? Apparently, his eldest daughter feels that standing by him is the right thing to do.

She's a better person than I, that's for sure.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The last several days I've been thinking about teachers I've had in my lifetime. Some had a teaching degree, others didn't. But, the lessons they taught were just as important as if they had a sheepskin hanging on the wall.

I've had the privilege of having some very good teachers in my time and some not so good. For example, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Carpenter was among my favorites. She made learning fun and gave detailed attention to each student. I didn't feel strange or like an outcast when I was in her class and enjoyed feeling part of a fun learning experience. When you consider I'm 50 years old, that's going back quite a few years. So, thank you Mrs. Carpenter. You made your imprint upon this mind.
Ive also had some good teachers in junior high and high school as well. But, some of the best teachers I had were in college. I think because I didn't take them for granted as much as I did when in grade school. There was a young classical pianist at Lamar University back in the day who was an absolutely brilliant pianist and accompanist. I learned to be ready for anything from him. No matter what the snafu, be prepared to carry on and focus.
I learned from being in a rehearsal with Doc Severinson that practicing for the sake of practicing is boring. Be prepared and let the music flow and be felt. There is a wild like beauty in the music of the moment.
A conductor of a symphony orchestra taught me how to make an entrance. There is something about a person's entrance into a room that can turn heads for no other reason than that of the "it" factor. Learning how to turn "it" on was an amazing lesson.

There are also the teachers who have their doors literally cracked open after hours in hopes of luring someone inside that needed extra help with an assignment or piece of music. Why? because it is those moments that called them to teaching in the first place.

God bless teachers. Even the ones who forced me to learn the ugly lessons. It wasn't for naught.

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