Monday, October 09, 2006

Rachael Ray's TV Show

I can't help it. She irritates me and I still watch her show! Why? What is wrong with me?

I saw her debut TV show last week, and I got exactly what I expected. A chunky, perky girl trying to be cutesy to the point where I feared she may hyperventilate due to her excessive giggling. Honestly.....NO ONE can be THAT perky. I refuse to believe it.

It was also announced that she is putting out a Christmas CD. Entitled.....are you ready for this? HOW COOL IS THAT? I swear to God. A Christmas CD named "How Cool is that?". I'm sure it will be hit after hit of classics sung in a hoarse, yet perky voice with giggles during the break.

Who knows? Maybe it will be a "killer, awesome" CD that even her "Daddy from Louisiana" will want to listen to and just "Hang out in the garbage bowl". Somehow I think the garbage bowl is where it belongs.

I'm not kidding....check this out: EVOO, Awesome! Garbage Bowl, Hang Out YUKKO

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