Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Politics of Parkinson's Disease

Ok, let me pick my jaw up from the ground, please. Wait....I'm trying to compose myself.....Ok.

I am constantly amazed at he ignorance of Rush Limbaugh....just when you think he has fallen to an all time new low, he finds a way to go even lower. What is frightening, is that there are millions of people who are too lazy, busy whatever you want to call it, to think for themselves and take everything that Limbaugh has to say as the gospel. We are in deep trouble if that is the case.

I saw the clip of Fox, and as a fellow Young Onset Parkinson's Disease sufferer, I can tell you point blank, he took his meds. How do I know?

The awkward, involuntary movements he was making is called "Bradykinesia" which is caused from taking Sinemet(a common PD drug). If he hadn't taken his meds, you would see true tremors: head shaking, mouth shaking, arms, legs, hands.....everything.

What a cruel world Mr. Limbaugh lives in. I say he should take another blue pill and spend some quality time with himself and refrain from making fun of people with disabilities.

The way I see it.....he has the most dangerous disability of all: IGNORANCE. And, as Forrest Gump would say: That's all I got to say about that.

More Musings Later-


Unknown said...

Taryn, you are right on about Limbaugh and I love your statement about ignorance being a disability. I would like to use that statement in my book I am writing about stem cell research.

I would also love to interview Michael J. Fox for the book. I've been a long-time fan of Fox since the days Family Ties first aired.

An Inconsistent Writer said...

Taryn, I think I'm very glad that I don't know who Rush Limbaugh is. Unfortunately, at the same time, he sounds scarily similar to one or two Australian politicians and several radio talking heads.