Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Discovered that I'm a World Traveler

It's true. I began thinking about places I had been when I was watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I also thought about it the last several nights in the wee hour of the mornings as my insomnia is particularly bad. It probably accounts for my pensive and somewhat blue mood.
I would have to say that thinking about it, not only make watching the infomercials more palatable at night, but caused me to reflect again how lucky I am. Of course, I'm from Texas, so I have been to all the big cities of Texas including Houston, Dallas and Austin, not to mention Fort Worth and every small town in between including the proud township of Fred, Texas. Salute! Once I made it out of Texas, I've visited virtually every state in these United States.

More of the noteworthy experiences have been where I've stepped in snow drifts up to my hip in Stowe, Vermont. Traveling to Bar Harbor, Maine to meet a woman I worked with long distance, but never met. She was battling cancer at the time and knew it was one of her last trips. A screenplay was born. It should be a book, but that is something I have on my "to do" list.

I've auditioned at the Juilliard School in New York City...was I ready? Hell no. But I did it. I also visited Studio 54, went to the Duplex and partied at Henrietta's (a Sandra Bernhardt and Madonna former haunt). I walked upon the eerily familiar cobblestone streets near NYU and drank beer in taverns and martinis at Sardi's.

I've also traveled to Turks and Caicos islands and stayed at an all-inclusive resort, I swam in the British West Indies ocean and snorkled. I saw some of the most incredible sunsets and matured that trip as fast as I was living it. I went almost to South America and revelled in the glorious weather of Aruba. I also drank Cabernet at a quaint Italian eatery near our hotel where the wine bottles were nestled in wicker holders and the bread was plentiful and crusty with a healthy dose of olive oil, cracked pepper and parmesean cheese floating nearby.

Once the airplane trips were done, I traveled overseas, all by the magic of my laptop seeing such exotic places as London, Paris, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Thailand and more. I saw where the elephants walked with elegance and grace with eyes that are saturated with wisdom that is still unrecognizable to most who gaze upon their countenance.

I've sat at a popular night spot on Loi Kroh Road and watched the crowds of people pass by unaware they are drowning in their own lonliness. I also saw a man who walked that road and caused my life to change from the silent observations he noted.

Once I came back from Thailand, it was difficult to let the memories go and travel somewhere else...but I did. I visited the deep south in America once more. Which led to the intrigue and mystique of Las Vegas. Suddenly, my travels are taking me to other Asian countries again; Manila, and Hong Kong to the fortune tellers.

The last couple of trips were courtesy of ghostwriting for clients. The dust is still settling upon my feet and the stars are still in my eyes. Everyone should try traveling, even if you never step outside of your home.

More Musings Later-

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Anonymous said...

What an incredibly beautiful post and also a small glimpse into the beautiful soul that is you.

I'm proud to be your sister! Your writing here is exquisite, just like you. Something I have ALWAYS known about you!