Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where is Steve McNair When You Need Him?

After watching the pitiful Titan game on Friday night, I believe that phrase was on everyone's lips in sports bars across Tennessee.

Let me make myself clear...our defense is AWESOME. No problems there...we have some good people on's just that Vince Young ain't one of 'em. That's sad considering he's our quarterback. I saw him scramble and throw more than a couple of passes at freaking NO ONE.

What is going on here? This $56 MILLION dollar investment can't throw consistently to anyone? AND, if he gets a mosquito bite, he sidelines himself. He's the complete antithesis of Steve McNair. McNair played hurt ALL the time. Never griped, just played. If he wasn't on the field, he was in surgery. Period.

Coach Fisher even fired Norm Chow to get Mike Heimerdinger back to coach Vince. He was responsible for grooming McNair. See how his name keeps popping up? After hearing the thud of his thrown passes hit the ground with absolutely no one around it,

I listened to the after game interview to see what he had to say. ..."(sic) Well, ...How do you think it makes me feel?...People are always asking me over and over about it after the game..."

You're damn right I'm going to hound you about it. If you were in corporate America and made half the blunders you do on the field in an office, you would be FIRED by now. Poor Vince...he's a multi-millionaire....he can't throw a pass to anyone....he's got a boo-boo on his leg.... JEEZ MY KNEES! GET US A QUARTERBACK!
Anyone see the 3rd string quarterback play? He helped us WIN A GAME. What a concept.

More Musings Later-

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