Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ever Had a Psychic Reading via Email?

Neither have I until recently! You remember my good friend, Alan who lives in Beijing, China? Turns out he is not only a superb writer, but he is a very psychic dude as well. Our meeting as we have (via email only) has been serendipitous to say the least.

Alan Solomon - At a booksigning in Beijing, China

What did he need from me to do a reading? An extreme closeup picture of my eyes. I know from writing books for clients who have lived in Asia, that fortune tellers and psychics tend to examine the feet, eyes, and palms to accurately predict the future and get a sense of the person they are reading. Although Alan isn't Asian, I guess some of the culture has rubbed off on him...or not. I'll have to ask him!

Anyway, thought you would be interested to read what I'm about - according to my eyes.
..."You are a person who... is smart you know what you want to say, you say it but people don't seem to get it!

People who meet you like you instantly, you are warm, a little moody at times, and probably a little scary to many who don't understand your direct approach which you prefer over going around in circles to achieve the result you desire. You laugh a lot, you enjoy company, but you can be used too, so watch that.

But something I already know by chatting to you and what drew me to you initially is that you are not afraid of the world, you will meet challenges head-on, in the face of all the kicks you get you still stand tall and let people know who you are, and you are proud of who you are. That little eccentric piece of you intrigues people to the point that they need to investigate you further to try to find out what makes you tick. You are very courageous on the outside and can be a little vulnerable on the inside.

Looking into your eyes I can see a person who listens to people, to the point they talk at you and often you think, Jesus I wish he/she would shut up!..."

Was he accurate? The "eyes" have it.
More Musings Later-

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