Sunday, July 27, 2008


That old David Bowie song is floating through my mind these days...why?

Because out of the blue, my partner and I have a burr up our butts to re-decorate our home. Complete with painting and re-arranging furniture. Align CenterAnytime you move your surroundings, that means that changes are happening within yourself.

Change is always least, I like to think so. We're also feeling more settled and ahem...older. Instead of Melissa Ethridge or Bon Jovi rocking our world, it's now David Bromstead (of HGTV fame). I'll let you know the changes as I discover will feel much like looking for 4 leaf clovers!

David Bromstead of HGTV (isn't he gorgeous?)

Let's face it, my life doesn't exactly suck. I have a job that I absolutely ADORE, I make enough money to pay my bills, I love my partner dearly and my beloved animals and I feel...comfortable. I have what I need and have more than I thought I would ever have in my life.

Life is good.

More Musings Later-

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