Friday, July 04, 2008

P Diddy, Doc Hollywood and Me

About a week or so ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing my P Diddy Doctor, AKA "Doc Hollywood".

You're probably asking yourself, What in the hell is a P Diddy Doctor?

"P Diddy" is my nickname for Parkinson's Disease. Other people think I am referring to a rapper. It's all the same, only I don't rhyme when I have my symptoms.

Anyway, I freelance for Parkinsons Hope Digest and they are running the series. You're probably thinking, I do believe I'd rather watch paint dry than interview a neurologist about Parkinson's. I hear you. But, I LOVE my P Diddy Doctor! And, I will give you the type of conversation we had that didn't make it into the Hope Digest. Photography by: Mindy Schwartz.

Me: When you diagnosed me, you seemed to nail it almost immediately. How were you able to determine a firm diagnosis right away?

Doc H'wood: I'm good.

Me: Don't give me that! I'm not writing that down.

Doc H'wood: Whatever! (laughing) (Then he launches into his diatribe of neuro dialogue).

Doc H'wood: She keeps taking pictures of me. What should I do? Pose?

Dr. Martin Wagner, AKA Doc Hollywood

Me: Act natural if that is possible.

Doc H'wood: Ok. (He continues pontificating about getting honors in all his neurology and psychology classes at Baylor University.)

Me: You went to some excellent schools. I can almost see your brain throbbing from knowledge. Your receptionist told me you went to the "Domenican Republic Brain Academy, specializing in P Diddy disease."

Doc H'wood shoots me a look.

Me: Kidding. Take a joke, Doc! (He is laughing at me)

Doc H'wood: Nice shirt

Me: I think of you each time I wear it. It's better than wearing the other one I have...

Doc H'wood: What happened?

Me: I wore my 'I'm not getting jiggy with it, I have Parkinson's" shirt to the Opryland Hotel. I arrived at peak blue hair time (senior citizen time=4pm). They were PISSED. They followed me all over that hotel and fussed at me! I couldn't convince them I had the disease! They thought I was making fun of them. Jeez, if you can't laugh at yourself....

Doc H'wood: I wished I could have seen that.

I shoot HIM a look.

Me: That's why I like you. I remember the first and only time I complained about having Parkinson's to you.

Doc H'wood: What did I say? I don't remember.

Me: I was moaning about it one day during my appointment and I noticed you weren't saying anything. I looked up at you and you handed me my scripts and said, "Yeah, it sucks." I left your office and sat in my car and laughed until I cried!
Doc H'wood: You're weird. Not really, you crack me up!

Me: Really?

Doc H'wood: No.

More Musings Later-

UPDATE: My sister's cancer HAS NOT spread! We are all faithfully praying for her and will continue to do so. I would be grateful if readers of this blog would pray, send good thoughts, etc. for her as well. Read about her journey HERE: "Every problem has a gift for you in its hands."

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