Saturday, July 12, 2008

6235 Adams and 2 sisters

Yesterday I went to Vanderbilt Medical Center with my sister. She had an appointment to get a port placed in her chest for chemotherapy and radiation treatment for the next several weeks.

We are very different from each other, yet we are so much alike, it's scary! For instance, we have the same sense of humor. We both adore dry wit. We both like to make fun of Rachael Ray and anyone else that is too perky for their own good.

As we laughed and talked yesterday, it made me think of how far we've both come. For some reason, I still think of myself as 12 years old and she is 16. I guess it's a sister thing. As you can tell, she is fighting the cancer with a vengance and she is fighting it not only for herself, but for my mother, me and all her friends.

I silently marveled as her phone was going off non-stop with text messages of encouragement and a repetitive message of "We LOVE you!". How wonderful. I look at her and see a grown woman going through some of the crap life hands you sometimes. I look at myself in a mirror and see that I'm not the 12 year old kid sister anymore. I'm so proud of her and I try to be supportive. I'm thrilled to say her friends are literally tripping all over themselves to be just as supportive or even moreso.

Both of us have matured and somehow morphed into adults. Yet, I think that our growing up years on 6235 Adams is what propelling her forward. For all the times we had to kneel in the hall for punishment where I was looking over to my older sister as she rolled her eyes and rattled off a commentary on "how lame" the knee punishment was. I thought she was the bravest person I'd ever known.

For all the times that I missed a curfew and our mom punished me by making me ride the bus to school in the morning for a week. Yet, as I walked to the bus stop, I saw my sister's car pulling up to offer me a ride once we were out of view from my mother's watchful eye. Again, I thought she was so brave to disobey my mother by helping me out.

Each time as we grew up, she would do something to make me feel that she was the bravest person in the world.

She's done it again. You watch, she'll kick the cancer's ass and not even break a sweat doing it. She's the bravest person I know...still.
Would YOU pray, send good thoughts etc. to her?
P.S. Mom, don't get mad. Remember, all this happened a long time ago! Don't ground us!!! LOL

More Musings Later-

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