Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nancy Grace, You Gotta Love Her

Not too long ago, my partner and I tuned in to watch Nancy Grace. She is becoming a regular on our short list of "must watch".

The normally feisty Southern pistol of an attorney was instead subdued, humble and sweet. What happened? I wondered aloud. I love to watch her tear into her interviews because if her subjects smell like a rat, she'll sniff it out for sure. She's a real advocate for the victim and I LOVE that about her.

But that night she is announcing that she got married in April and is now 4 months pregnant with twins, God bless her! She was tearfully thrilled and expressed her thanks to her viewers, friends and her new hubby, David. She went on to say that she didn't think she would ever find love again after her fiance was murdered nearly 20 years ago. Life has a way of making things wrong become right again.
So, happy pregnancy Nancy. Don't stop being the little pit bull that we know and love. But I gotta tell ya, you melted America's collective heart when you announced your great news.

Congrats to Nancy and David (or Mr. Nancy!!) LOL

More Musings Later-


Anonymous said...

I received your blog in my Alerts for Nancy Grace. This is the first positive thing I've seen written about Nancy. I think she's great and wish her all the best.
Thank you for writing this because I missed her big announcement but did hear callers congratulating her.

Carma Dutra said...

I am a fan of Nancy Grace ever since the Peterson trial. I am happy to hear she is happy again. And twins!! As a mother of twins myself, I know how she feels.

Thanks Taryn for posting this news.

Anonymous said...

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