Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ideas, Goals & Dreams - A Startup in Every Sense of the Word.

Some time ago, I responded to a Craig's List ad to write articles for a magazine startup. I sent a couple of samples and they were met with real enthusiasm by the owner of this new magazine. Let's face it, my writing career can be summed up by this magazine's title. I love it when you find organizations, people, jobs, projects and the like that perfectly compliment your beliefs!

Check out the will be online soon and I will place a link to it when I get the url. Oh, and there is even a picture of some writer in the top left corner with a silly smirk on her face! After that, it will be distributed locally in San Francisco, California and then globally. Thinking of advertising or investing in it? Let me know and I will put you in contact with the owner.

Sometimes Life is one big synergy event!

More Musings Later-


Unknown said...

Hey, that is totally cool. I'm proud for you. You got your name on a magazine cover before I did!

Yvonne Perry said...

Very kewl. And I am not one bit surprised. You go, Girl!

Linda Della Donna