Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grief is all in a Day's Work for writer, Linda Della Donna

There are literally hundreds of thousands of millions of writers out there in internet land. Some are very well-known and some aren't.

Linda Della Donna will soon be on everyone's radar. She is one of the few writers that deals with the emotional issue of grief and is quite skilled at it, unfortunately. Della Donna lost her husband to cancer some 3 years ago and in an effort crawl out of a depression so deep, she had to write her way out. She wrote about her feelings, her loss, her frustration, anger and took solace in time she spent with herself.

Out of that heartbreaking loss came "Griefcase" a safe place for widows to convene and share their feelings and heartache while they heal. From the tablet of a legal pad is now bounding a full fledged website that will offer message boards, practical information for the newly widowed or grieving, a blog, e-books and more.

I nominated her for CNN's Hero of the Day. I don't know if Anderson Cooper will be knocking upon her door for an interview, but hell, I think he should.

Read what she's all about and you'll be making a point of reading Griefcase too.

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2 comments: said...

My name is Linda Della Donna. Wow. I'm speechless. Thank you, Taryn Simpson, for outing Griefcase.

Carma Dutra said...

Taryn, this is such a lovely post about Linda. Her caring and compassion really shine through.