Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marking time in the Corporate World.

I have 4 1/2 business days left in the Corporate world. You know it is bad when you start including fractions into the countdown. Have I said I can't wait to leave? Yes, I believe I did. Anyway, I was looking at my posts the other day (ok, this morning) and noticed not 1 comment.
Now I thought with the last post at least, it would have spurred someone to say something.....

Which leads me to wonder, "Does anyone really read these blogs?". Ok, I know I sound like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City, as she is musing over her column. I've read a few that were really interesting. I like the ones that are more like a personal journal. I know blogging has grown to be a Corporate America tool, but I like the intimacy of it. Mind you, I know millions of people have access to a blog, but it just seems like a great way for one person in this great big world to say, "Hey, I'm here".

More musings later.

1 comment:

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