Monday, March 13, 2006

12 Business Days and Counting!

Just 12 more days and then I can call myself a full time writer! For so many years, I've done my writing business on the side, and I've been on a God-awful contract for 2 1/2 years doing IT work (what posessed me to do that???? oh yeah, $ kuh-ching).

Anyway, March 31st is my last day, and it can't come quick enough for me. I am so sick of doing the corporate crap to make money! If I hear "strategic" or "alliance" or learning "pieces of the business", I will retch.

So, for anyone that is interested, I have a company "Simpson - E Publishing" and I think it is going to do very well. I do marketing and sales copywriting (so I can properly synergize your company's strengths). Google my company and you will see I have been quite the busy bee.

More musings later....

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