Monday, March 27, 2006

Getting ready to leave the Corporate World Grind

I talked to some coworkers today, and I could tell....beyond the regular paycheck and the plastic insurance card in the wallet, they are jealous. Theres that deep green tint in the eye that says, "God, I would love to find my passion and do it all day". Alot of people think finding your passion is an easy venture, and even though I have found mine, I can tell you without hesitation that it was a very difficult road.

I thought for so many years that music would be my route. Not so. Although I would never trade my experiences, I am glad that I am a writer. It is compatible with my soul. Like I said, I've had some awesome experiences....auditioning at Juilliard at 17, performing with symphony orchestras and meeting some famous folks along the way, yet....a writer is what I am. Hopefully, you can tell that from my posts.

If not, I'm going to discover what a pauper is all about.

More musings later.

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