Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good Lord, It's all I can do to sit through another meeting.

I have what they term as "Short Termer-itis". I sit through a staff meeting, doodling away bored to tears. BUT....ecstatic that it will soon be a thing of the past. It's such a waste of time to go through a work day as if on remote control, and far too many of us do just that.

As I sit through these meetings looking across the conference table seeing people dozing or people composing a grocery list in their head, I am thinking of my bonus room at home. My laptop with a separate keyboard will be on the table with my briefcase and papers strewn about as I busily clickity clack on my pc. There is internet access up there, so I will be on the net most of the day I am sure, OR doing my cold calling to potential clients. I've already decided that I will have to break for lunch around 11am so I can watch Ellen!

I can't wait to make it really happen....go to Chamber of Commerce meetings, network and more. If I were Mary Tyler Moore, I would go outside and throw my beret up in the air!

More musings later....

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