Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Battle for Jackson MONEY

Unless you've been under a rock recently, you've no doubt heard about the Jackson family ruckus regarding Michael's children.  For those who need catching up, it appears that some of the Jackson children (Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie) are challenging the validity of Michael's will.  Randy's main argument is that the will was signed by Michael and that it states that he was in Los Angeles, California at the time of signing.  However, Michael was actually in New York according to sources.

Does it make any difference that the will was drafted in LA vs. NY?  According to lawyers this is a non-issue.  The judge has ruled that it is simply an oversight and that the will is legitimate.  Randy goes on to say that their argument regarding the will has nothing to do with money.  Oh really?  Then what is the issue?  Meanwhile, Katherine (Michael's mother) is missing for more than a week and is finally found to be with Rebbie's family in Arizona.  This might not be all that unusual except that Paris and Michael's other children had no idea where she was.  When they were told of her whereabouts, Paris wasn't allowed to phone Katherine.  Why?

Now, TJ Jackson is the temporary guardian over Michael's children.  He stated in court that Katherine didn't "sound like herself, she was slurring some words," etc.  Are her own children overpowering her so that they can take control of Michael's children?  It appears to an outsider that they are doing precisely that.  Why else would Janet, Jermaine and Randy ambush the children's limo at their home?  Were they preparing to swipe the children?  The only ones who know for sure are the Jacksons.

The ones that I feel sorry for in this whole charade are Michael's children.  No wonder he broke from the family when he did.  Now, his children are going to have to make that same break again if they want to have any peace in their own lives.

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