Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gene Simmons and his Family Jewels

Yes, I watch this show somewhat religiously.  There's just something entertaining about watching rock's batman front man at his sprawling home front with his wife, Shannon Tweed and kids.

Gene Simmons is a funny fellow, there's no doubt.  I find him very likable for the most part (excluding his penchant for womanizing.)  Shannon is new wife, but same partner for 30 some odd years reminds me of one of those "cool" moms where kids feel welcome to come over and spend time with the parents.  They are, I mean, one of rock's coolest couples.  

Through this show, the world was introduced to Nicholas Tweed-Simmons and Sofie Tweed-Simmons, kids of the batman front man.  Nicholas and Sofie inherited just enough of their dad's looks to be dark and brooding but mostly benefited from their Mom's pristine features.  I have to hand it to Gene and Shannon, they produced for the most part, some pretty great kids.  You never pick up the paper to see them in drunken brawls, drug raids, or out of control parties.  

The thing that does irk me about this show is that I'm too emotionally invested in it.  I mean, I was practically pacing the floors when Shannon was contemplating whether to part ways with Gene or marry him.  Somehow, I knew that the marriage was coming...I mean, c'mon...ratings, right?  So they married.  Now that the kids have left the nest, Shannon wants to have more kids.  Uh...huh?  She is 58 years old and well, let's face it.  She's getting up there...by the time this kid graduates high school, she would be 76 years old.  Gene?  don't look for help rearing the kids there...he's along for the ride and makes it clear that it's his role.

What I don't understand is that Shannon is surprised when he says he doesn't want to have kids or adopt.  Well, DUH!  I love this show, but don't be stupid! The kid train has left.  Then, THEN, she asks "permission" from Nicholas and Sofie to have another kid.  Uh...why?  I can see getting their reaction, but Nicholas is having talks with Gene on how to tell his mom NO on a new kid.  It's not his place and Gene should grow a spine.  I mean really....

Sigh...see? I'm too invested.  It's just a show.  It's just a show...it's just a show.  sigh.

More Musings Later-

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