Saturday, June 06, 2009

Goober says "Hey"

It's happened. Nashville has lost it's collective mind. The council has voted to allow patrons to go into a restaurant and carry a GUN with them. What the hell? Mayor Bredeson has vetoed it once, but the law was overturned by the council.

Okay, I'll bite...why would anyone in their right mind want someone to come into a restaurant with a gun? Please don't patronize me by saying it's an American's right under the constitution to bear arms. Do you really feel threatened in a McDonalds? I mean really...why would you carry a gun into a restaurant? Hello? I am bamboozled about this. Me thinks there is money changing hands...

I remember watching an old Jim Carrey standup special as he was talking about people carrying guns in their cars or trucks. He likened it to the old cowboy days...Picture being on a major freeway and someone is trying to pass you: Carrey with his best elastic facial antics pulls out an imaginary gun and taunts in true Clint Eastwood fashion: "Don't cut me off, feel lucky, punk? Well do ya? Go ahead,...make my day!" He finishes the sketch by quipping "If ya don't shoot'em, they won't learn nothin'."

So, the city that often gets compared to Mayberry will be packin next time one of their citizens decides to go to the Applebees or Shoneys. People won't "learn nothin' until somebody gets killed."

Goober says "Hey!"
More Musings Later (if I don't get shot at the Burger King)


Anonymous said...

JUST came across this (you turned up on "Goober Seys hey!".

> why would anyone in their right
> mind want someone to come into
> a restaurant with a gun?

Simple answer? Because they're not pussies?

Real answer: If a person-intent-upon-neferious-action can enter a restaurant, why shouldn't law-abiding citizens be allowed?

Does the word "Lubby's" ring a bell? And, actually, some miscreants HAVE opened up in McDonalds -- but they were the criminal type, not the guy or gal who just wants to be able to protect themselves and loved ones in the event that some crazy (see above) gets peeved because their fries are greasy. By-and-large (what does that mean, anyway?), the vast (vast) majority of firearms enthusiasts are not only law-abiding, but those that carry as a daily practice (either concealed or open) are usually high above the run-of-the-mill citizen. They recognize the gravity of the practice. Will there ever be someone who makes a mistake? Probably. There have been other instances already, but the odds are in our favor -- meaning that, for every person that carries who is NOT intent of force, more criminals decide that it is more dangerous to engage in risky behaviour. So, but Ms. Johnson packing concealed to protect herself and her kids, you and I get a pass because Joe-the-robber thinks better of random targets. I don't know how it works, it's just the magic of self-responsibility.

As to WHY? Well, what are the options: 1) Not carry. 2) Not go out, ever, unless you're doing #1. 3) Carry but stash it in the car when you have to hit a food joint -- not very responsible if you ask me, leaving a grown-up toy unattended where children and people with childish minds may get access. 4) Carry. Be discreet if possible, but carry. Be responsible and polite, but carry. Know that potentially grave consequences may result, but decide that you'd prefer it were the bad-guy's grave instead of yours or your loved-ones, but carry. Be adult, be responsible, be quiet, be prepared. Seems like very Boy Scout could take lessons from that.

Don't tell me YOU'RE afraid? You're more afraid of a law-abiding citizen peacibly carrying than of some low-class twit thinking that maybe your wallet would look better on him/her? We might need to re-visit the "pussy" thing.

So, if you frequent McD's, exactly how long would you be exposed to the danger of a soccer mom suddenly tripping out? It's FAST FOOD... you're in there, what, 15 minutes? She's in there 20 minutes (she's got kids, you know). If a bad guy targets you because you paid with cash, he can just follow you home. The soccer mom isn't going to follow you unless you're really, really hot and she's the cougar. Bleah. So, are you afraid of the soccer moms? Let's say you're in a sit-down restaurant... You're eating and drinking, the family next to you is eating and drinking, everybody's happy. Where's the danger in that? Oh, you're in a rough bar, and them's what's eating' is drinkin' more? Then you should be more aware of your surroundings... the people that would be likely to get drunk and beat the shit out of you would probaly be willing to pull a gun on you, too. Let me get this straight... you're not afraid of some booze-crazed drunk illegally threatening you with his .38, but you fear that the mom that fears for HER life will cap you with her .40? Maybe your perspective is skewed.

Oh, and, it's Americans' right under the Bill of Rights. Something that the government wants you to forget. "These are not the 'droids you're looking for."

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Couldn't have said it better!!