Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the appeal with this show???

I don't get it. Although I am guilty of watching this show from time to time, I often wonder what is the huge appeal of American Idol?

I've ragged on this program before, but I watched last night and really tried to watch it without judging it, (that means I didn't focus on Paula Abdul). Bear with me as I analyze this:

The melodramatic antics of Ryan Seacrest makes me want to pimp-slap him. Ooohhhhh the spooky lighting and Ryan all alone on stage announcing THIS is YOUR American Idol! I immediately give an eyeroll of exasperation and tell myself to endure his crap so I can see the contestants sing.

Okay, no doubt that the contestants are talented. They each can really sing and this year, they are particularly good. (Lord knows they have had some crappy seasons in the past) Anyway, part of the show's requirements is that these contestants must do a commercial for a product (complete with "Fame-esque" singing and dancing). Now the vocals are not arranged, that is, they are all singing the melody so that it sounds (and looks) like a bad high school choir production. Surely they can afford for someone to write a vocal chart now, can't they?

Then there are the solo performances. Some are really good. I mean really good. But, after the performance comes the part I can't stand. The critique of the judges.

Randy "What up Dawg" Jackson: The hip-hop slang is getting old, although he does know his stuff. I usually pay more attention to Randy's advice or critique than all of them.

The new girl: I can't remember her name, but yes; she knows her stuff as well as she is a very successful songwriter and singer herself. In fact, she wrote one of my all time favorite songs (Vision of Love) for a then unknown singer extraordinaire, Mariah Carey. BUT: she reminds me of one of those irritating overbearing cheerleaders from high school. I believe if Simon would give her a xanax before each show, she would be okay.

Paula Abdul: I can't stand her. She is a joke. The very idea that SHE is offering suggestions to the talented singers on how to phrase or sing simply GALLS me.

Simon Cowell: He is one rich dude. At least he is brutally honest about his opinions. He's not a singer, musician or anything else...he simply knows what he likes and industry people value his opinion for whatever reason. So, there you go. He doesn't tell the contestants how to sing, or how to phrase...he either likes it or he doesn't. I can live with that.

Now, if we can get rid of the audience who boos incessantly if the judges don't gush over every singer. Get real, people.

More Musings Later-

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C. N. Nevets said...

So very dead on!!