Sunday, May 03, 2009

How Come?

I have wondered about certain "rules" if you will, that we all "should" abide by. But, I've never understood why. So, I thought I would share my list of "How Come's?"


  • A handtowel in a bathroom is for looks only and shouldn't be used after washing your hands?

  • You shouldn't wear white shoes after Labor Day?

  • You shouldn't put a small fridge in the living room if you want to?

  • Women still have to wear bras?

  • We shouldn't wear pj's during the day?

  • Women eyeball what and how much other women are eating when they are out in public?

  • Women won't wear bathing suits cause they're "too fat", does that stop you from wearing clothes too?

  • Alot of lesbians are masculine looking?

  • Some people are against gay marriage?

  • People jump to conclusions?

  • Tele-evangelists are rich?

  • Most people don't want to think for themselves?

  • Toilet paper rolls should be put on the holder thingy?

  • When you go house hunting and see a home with lots of windows, you cringe at the thought of the time it will take to clean them?

  • Women wear low cut blouses and get mad when men stare at their chest?

  • If women wear low cut blouses, men don't wear low cut pants?

  • Women wear high heels when they are so uncomfortable?

  • God perfected life when he made animals? Do we deserve them?

  • The true concept of God is too enormous for humans to wrap their minds around

  • All the dishes in a dishwasher should be washed before they go through a cycle? Isn't that the point of having a dishwasher?

  • The Conservatives believe in the death penalty but are against abortion?

Just asking, that's all.
More Musings Later-

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