Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have YOU Twittered?

Yes, hooked on another techie item. Why? you ask?

It seems that the entire world is mesmerized with conversing with each other in 140 characters or less. And, what makes it even more interesting, is that there are ALOT of celebrities online "tweeting". Let's face it, it's an excellent marketing tool to plug a book, tv show, live show, etc. And, you get an immediate reading on your target audience. It's downright genius.

I caught a few minutes of Larry King Live where Ashton Kutcher was explaining what "Twitter" was to King. I was impressed with his explanation which was lavished with technological speak...I'm sure he's not a computer person as he is young and has been an actor/personality for some time now. But everyone is doing it!!!

I tell you, there is nothing better than being able to say good morning to Oprah, Gayle King, George Stephanopolous, Anderson Cooper, Suze Orman and they actually read your tweets and respond back!

If you'll notice, I put a button on the side of my blogs saying to follow me: Please do so! I would be curious to see how many people that read this blog tune into Twitter. Check out who I'm following...everyone from Suze Orman and Oprah to Eddie Izzard to Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Heck, I even twittered Lisa Williams (the medium) during her intermission at a show. AND, she responded! I'm weird that way....I love this crap!

More Musings Later-

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