Tuesday, April 07, 2009

And so another year comes to a close...

Chapter 46 is coming to a close
As I close the chapter on 46 and turn the fresh new page of Chapter 47, I am amazed yet again at all the experiences, emotions and situations that life has handed me over the last 365 days. .

I've been surprised, shocked, amused, saddened, angry and silent.

I've encountered experiences that I never expected and some that I did.

I've been pleasantly surprised and bitterly disappointed.

I've thanked God for my blessings, and I've taken for granted still so much more.

I've lost people that I've never met, and think about them tonight.

It was a wonderful, difficult, gut-wrenching, sorrowful, happy, joyous, funny, frustrating year.

and, like all things, one year comes, and another is born.

Chapter 47 promises to be just as wonderful, difficult, gut wrenching, sorrowful, happy, joyous, funny, and frustrating as Chapter 46, but in a totally different, new way.

I am busily writing my next novel, "The Long Road to Extredition" and find the words come easier when I am nocturnal. With the writing of so many books for others, it will be a joy to see my name once again on the cover. Where instead of striving for Grisham, I am now struggling along to strive for Hemingway.

Alan Solomon, my friend and older brother that I've never met, is traveling to New Zealand in June to devote time to our next co-writing venture entitled, "He Played the Game". He hopes to find that the words flow more freely in the beautiful countryside of his home rather than Beijing where he currently lives.

So, we go where we are best, observe what we can and learn the rest. It's a new year, a new beginning and a new moment.

And, my eyes are wide open to the wonder of it all.

More Musings Later-

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