Friday, April 11, 2008

It Isn't Easy Being Green

It's been awhile since my last post. My apologies...I've had more work than I can handle and my partner has been ill. So, you do what you can when you can.

Believe me, I've had a ton of musings...just not enough time to write them down. So, I thought I would write down one of my musings now.

As most people know, I am a poker fiend. I count the moments until Saturday night until I go play poker with "the guys". These are a bunch of middle aged to older aged men who are a little and sometimes alot on the redneck side. They normally are very nice men and I've enjoyed playing a friendly game of Hold'em with them.

Last week, I went into the bar to play Holdem and it was different. The men weren't talkative and several of them brought buddies or co-workers with them. I'm usually one of the only women at the table. And, they all "know" about me but never say anything one way or the other.

But, I noticed that several of the guys were being "short" with me or not talking to me at all. Their lack of communication spoke volumes. So, I played until I was out of chips.

I sat at the bar and finished drinking a beer. I knew I had to leave. I wish I fit in better than I do. Whether you are gay, straight, black or white....Kermit got it right when he said, "It isn't easy being green."

More Musings Later-

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