Monday, April 28, 2008

"I'm Gonna Hit It Monday!"

The title to this post was the battle cry of my family every time the jeans got too tight or the reflection in the mirror got too offensive.

Of everyone in the family, Mamaw (my grandmother) used this phrase the most. Of course, there was the scarfing over the weekend that "prepared one to sacrifice" by eating diet food, starting on Monday.

There was no happy medium, it was feast or famine. Back in the day when Weight Watchers demanded you weigh everything before you eat it. They also demanded that you eat a steady diet of tuna fish or canned salmon.

Is it any wonder we would venture off the diet after a short time? I think alot of people relate to this scenario as I remember Oprah lamenting on her tv show one day, "Lord, how many "I'm gonna start it Monday" diets have you been on?"

Too many. But, I'm here to tell you, I'm gonna hit it Monday! Am I going to eat tuna and salmon until I puke? No.

What am I going to do? Practice a little common sense for once.

No fried food, no cream sauces, no sweets and no fad foods.

Monday is coming fast, so I toast my Mamaw and every other woman who has "Hit it Monday" with a big 8 oz glass of water!


More Musings Later-

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