Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Hilarity of Parkinson's Disease

As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with Young, Onset Parkinson's Disease several years ago. I'm now to the ripe old age of 45, and feeling every year of it cubed.

That's not to say that I don't like to have a good laugh at my own expense! I've invested quite a few dollars in t-shirt collections such as:

"I'm not getting jiggy with it, I have Parkinson's disease",

or another favorite that is short and concise:

"Parkinson's Sucks"

I finally decided to stop wearing the first shirt because all the older people at the mall thought I was making fun of Parkinson's patients. The blue hairs get mighty pissed if they think you are dissing one of their own. I can't wait to be a blue hair!

Here are some of my favorite Parkinson's moments (all true, mind you)
  • I'm seated writing...the doorbell rings and I get up to answer it. I open the door and see the mailman and pass out (only for a few moments). When I come to, he leans over and says, "Sign here please."
Now THAT is funny!!!! I couldn't quit laughing and did just that as I continued laying on the floor. (fainting is a PD symptom)

  • I'm at the grocery store with my partner and I'm walking like I'm drunk. She offers me the basket to hold onto as I hear a couple behind us whispering very loudly, "Oh dear, she is drunk as a skunk! It's only 1:30 pm! That is shameful!"

  • I started talking to my partner rather loudly. "Can we go back to the bar now? My vodka buzz is wearing off."

  • I'm at the neurologist's office. He has a sarcastic wit about him and I'm moaning and groaning about new symptoms. I keep waiting for him to say something soothing and he looks at me and deadpans: "Whaddya want? Parkinson's sucks" and he smirks. Ya gotta love'em!

  • My neurologist's phone number is programmed in my phone. When I dial it, or he dials me, Michael J. Fox's picture is displayed.

  • I went bowling with my partner one time and when I let the ball go down the lane, so did my body.

  • When you're drunk, no one knows it.
I gotta go, my neurologist is calling me...Later

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