Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why Prey Tell, is Paula Abdul a Singing Judge?

I don't get it. She's not a singer. We've heard proof of that. Yet, Simon Cowell thinks she is a great judge of voice.

I don't know...if I were one of those contestants, I would laugh if she offered me advice about singing. They are so far superior to her it's not even funny.

Now, she is quite effective with the fashion commentary..."You look gorgeous tonight. You rock." she mutters in her Xanax induced fog.

Did you see where she critiqued a singer on a song he hadn't sung yet? That's what I mean. She's pathetic.

NOW she wants to be on "Dancing with the Stars". Sounds great....except for one thing. She is considered a professional dancer. Remember? she is a choreographer and worked with Janet and Michael Jackson in her hey day.

Sometimes I want to grab her by the shoulders and shout, "WAKE UP!"

Now, can someone tell me why she was selected as a singing critic?

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Anonymous said...

i will tell you. paula has an amazing ear for singing. she can hear everything, when people sing off key etc. thats one of the reasons why she was picked. she also is a singer herself who can sing rather well live and perform even better. shes also worked behind the scenes with many famous singers. she did their choreography etc. and btw, she is by far the best qualified judge on the panel. the only one with documented success in the music business, yes she sold 55 million albums. simon and randy cannot sing at all.