Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Great Pennies, Nickels and Dimes Campaign

A couple of days ago, my sister mentioned that a friend of hers was very ill. As I read her email and then later listened to her speak of him, I realized that he must be a very special person.

A very special person that I think YOU should know about. In our muddled up world of political campaigns, weather catastrophes and the rat race of making a living, his struggles made me stop and think. Her friend, Mike Serna happens to be Native American and celebrates his heritage with wisdom, soulfulness and spirituality. He is also an award winning flutist, songwriter, men's traditional dancer, and documentary creator to name a few talents.

And, he is kind. To illustrate, The Circle of Friends and friends from the Native Community held a benefit for 2 year old JJ Estep who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Mike drove all the way from Chattanooga on a work night to play 3 songs on his Native Flute, and then drove all the way back so he could be at work early the next morning. Mike did this on his own dime. He reaches out to others without a moment's thought of his own inconvenience. He is due the same from his friends.

He is walking a journey that is very difficult right now. He is battling liver disease and is only able to work sporadically. The chemo he has been taking for the last 6 months hasn't been working. I don't have to tell you that health insurance is a huge issue financially.

So, I am asking that you donate any spare change you may have around the house or office. All proceeds go to assist Mike and his family.

This experience for Mike I'm sure, feels much like climbing a mountain. So, I leave you with these words for Mike;

A Prayer

Nii nahii'maa at'e, ya nahiika'ee at'e.Â
Ik aa'ye iidenka ashii nadndaal. ei nanlwogo aniile shiiyii'ii.Â
Sadnleel da'ya'dee nzho
Da' nzho, Abaachii miizaa

Translation for the White Man (Magaanii)
The earth is our Mother, the sky is our Father
Run to the mountain and back; it will make you strong, my son.
Long life, old age, everything good...
I pray in the Apache language

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