Friday, December 28, 2007

The Bucket List

Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
The most mystical road in the world.
I've already walked it in my dreams, but would love to experience it in person.

The other day I saw an advertisement for a movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman's latest movie, entitled: "The Bucket List". Apparently, each of them are ill and want to experience adventures before they "Kick the Bucket". Hence, "The Bucket List."

It got me to thinking about my own Bucket List. I haven't really made one, but I have thoughts and ideas tucked away of things I would love to do and accomplish. So, without further adieu:

My Bucket List

1. Win the Pulitzer Prize for Best Fiction
for "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road"

2. Write a One Woman Show for Broadway
Subject is in my mind, but yet to put pen to paper.

3. Create an Invention, Patent it and Sell it.
In progress (beginning stages)

4. Play in the World Poker Tour
In progress (beginning stages)

5. Travel to Thailand to actually walk Loi Kroh Road
We'll see, not sure I could fly for that long.

6. Create a Creative Writing Camp for Kids
Would love to take those "odd ducks" and have them realize how unique they are.

7. Have "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" made into a film.
Anyone know how to contact Sir Anthony Hopkins?

8. Learn how to fly an airplane
I think that would be so cool!

9. Be Invited to Oprah's show to discuss "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road"
C'mon, you knew that was coming didn't you?

10. Tour Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West, Florida.
I want to see his 6 toed cats too!

11. Last but certainly not least, Before I die, I want to belly laugh.
Really laugh where the tears come and you are holding your stomach.

I want to appreciate the greatest of gifts as well as the smallest.


Anonymous said...


I thoroughly enjoyed your bucket list. I think I'll go work on my own now.

I actually came across your site by accident: My current employer wanted me to remove my full name from links to my personal blog (PROJECT HITCHHIKER) because of inappropriate content -- one of which is linked to from your Writer's Block site (
I couldn't find contact info for the webmaster, but I thought maybe you could help me out?

I'm kind of in a jam here (and my boss isn't happy, either...!)

Keep up the good writing, and good luck with your scripts!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice comments! The moderator for The Writer's Block is

I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment and good luck with your employer's "Project".!!!!


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