Thursday, April 05, 2007

A River Runs Through It...

I had forgotten just how much I loved the movie, "A River Runs Through It," until I saw it on a movie channel recently. As I listened to the narration and dialogue, it occurred to me that this film was written with the heart of a poet.
Each word and phrase was carefully crafted to evoke emotions and imagery of a wistful childhood that most of us can relate to.
Especially those of us who have siblings who we feel are more special than we are.
You can only ache for Norman as he wants to help his younger brother, but in the end, realizes he can't force his help.
He sees the same scenario replayed in his girlfriend's family when her problematic older brother is still able to keep the family wrapped around his unlikeable finger.
Somehow, as imperfect as they are, they are perfect to their families.
Throughout the movie, Norman recounts his life in Montana and the one true love that he and his brother and father share: fly fishing in the river. To him, his life evolves while his brother's life stagnates...And A River Runs Through It.
To this day, waters haunt me.
What exceptional writing.
More Musings Later-


Nooyawka said...

About six or seven or eight years ago I vacationed in Livingston Montana a couple of summers. They swore to me that the movie was shot somewhere in the neighborhood. In any case, Livingston is an interesting town and I enjoyed staying there. It's about an hour's drive from Yellowstone. We stayed in the Murray Hotel, in the suite once occupied as a fulltime residence by Sam Peckinpah of directorial infamy. The town is sometimes called 'Hollywood North' since so many stars own or vacation near there, like Redford, Peter Fonda,....more. Montana's great in summer!

Charles said...

You should see if you can get a copy of the book the film is based on. It is one of the finest examples of writing in the American language (somewhat distinct from English, at least in the mind of Maclean) that exists.