Friday, April 13, 2007

B.B. King, Drumsticks and Coyote Ugly!

Yes kids, I made it through another wild birthday! This one was number 45. And, I had the best time and managed to set downtown Nashville on it's proverbial ear.

We decided to do the "safe and responsible" thing by taking a bus downtown and then cab it back afterwards, cause you KNOW I'm drinking. So, we are sitting shoulder to shoulder on the bus and finally step out when we get to Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. I, of course had to go in, tip the band and request a Roger Miller tune. (My favorite). "Which one?" he asks me....I don't care, "Dang Me, King of the Road, whatever floats your boat!

Then we go to Coyote Ugly - We make our way to the bar where the bartendresses and patrons are dancing on the bar, and I politely bow out (my balance ain't the best...I have P Diddy, you know). But we are enjoying the view from the ground just the same!

Then we toodle down to B.B. King's club and we're having a conversation with the bartender about the opening of the club in Nashville. He tells us, "Yeah, we even have the drumsticks from his drummer when B.B.'s band was playing." He shows us the splintered worn sticks and being a former percussionist, I light up like a Christmas tree. My partner mentions it's my birthday and the bartender takes them out of the case and hands them to me.


I look at the sticks in my hands and feel the old familiar feelings again. They feel good and they feel "right" in my hands. The sticks were pretty banged up and almost broken in two, which tells me the drummer had a great time playing and that the music was hot.

They're sitting on my fireplace mantle, because I sit near there when I write. And, if my laptop was to be compared to the laptop would be smoking and almost broken in half.

Because I am having a great time and the books I'm working on are GREAT.

More Musings Later-

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